Actually, The Obligatory Parts of Ablution are Five

While writing a book ordered by my manager in my work place, I got a fact that The Obligatory Parts of Ablution are Five. It was very different with many articles found in several blogs where all of them always provide us variety of number of ablution's parts, sometimes it is written with four, threee, or two parts, but when Master got a book written in Arabic language by Imam An-Nawawi, He has been one of The Masjidil Haram's Imam, It was written with five parts. These are as follows :

  1. Niyyah
  2. Striking both hands to the soil
  3. Wiping the face, then striking the soil again is including in this parts.
  4. Wiping the hands up to the wrist
  5. Doing orderly.
fard of wudu ablution

They are the right of obligatory parts of Wudu. If you will explain the parts above more just do it but never change the purpose.

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